Below are the cards found in the collection.

  • Russel Hoult
  • Haracio Carbonari
  • Stefan Schnoor
  • Darryl Powell
  • Seth Johnson
  • Tony Dorigo
  • Mikkel Beck
  • Stefano Eranio
  • Francesco Baiano
  • Esteban Fuertes
  • Lars Bohinen
  • Rory Delap
  • Jim Smith
  • Emblem Esteban
  • Fuertes Deon Burton
  • Seth Johnson
  • Checklist XL

Millennium Team Card

– Limited Edition 900 Futera Facts Cards were also produced for Derby County which were included in Futera’s Confectionery ‘Total Football’ packs which contained a Chupa Chups Lollipop and a selection of cards from over 20 UK Football Clubs. Chupa Chups purchased Futera’s ‘Total Football’ packs for their own worldwide distribution.

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