ZOU SHIMING BOXING CARDS MINI CASE USD$890 plus $39 international p&p

ZOU SHIMING BOXING CARDS MINI CASE USD$890 plus $39 international p&p
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Officially Licensed Limited Release of 750 Presentation Boxes  

Collection Specification 
Presentation Box = see content description below
1 MINICASE = 3 Presentation Boxes  NB: Every Minicase includes a Zou Shiming Autograph/Memorabilia Combo card
1 MASTER CASE = 6 Presentation Boxes (2 sealed Minicases each of 3 Presentation Boxes).
What is in a Presentation Box? 
EVERY PRESENTATION BOX includes 1 complete 30 card Limited Edition Base Set spanning the career and fight history highlights of Zou Shiming, together with an individually foil numbered Parallel 'Heritage' card from a rare Limited Set of either 5 or 20 sets, plus either 2 rare, individually numbered and uniquely coded Limited Edition Memorabilia cards or 1 rare Memorabilia Card and 1 Zou Shiming signed Autograph Memorabilia Combo card.  Some cards are presented in 24kt gold-plated frames, and the Collection includes '1 of 1' cards where only one of each card exists worldwide.  Each Display Box comes with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming its rarity as being from a Limited Release of only 750 Presentation Boxes.  Being so limited in number, these beautifully presented cards are considered true collectors’ items.
1 MINICASE = 3 Presentation Boxes.
All insert cards have a unique code which collectors can enter online to get information about their card's features and rarity and to help them with their trading decisions:-
‘Code for Collectors’ - Enter your card code at: www.futera.com/code-for-collectors
Each card’s code accesses information about the card's features and rarity.  For example, the board, inks, foils used in the creation of the card, how many cards of each type were actually released, watch ‘behind the scenes’ footage/photos of the original items used in the making of the Zou Shiming memorabilia cards.  
‘Memorabilia Colour Grading’  How rare is your card? - Enter your card code at:  www.futera.com/colour-grading
Search your card’s number online to check its rarity.  Cards are graded and plotted on Charts according to their content and colour combinations. Knowing how rare a card’s features are can help collectors with their trading decisions.
Terms & Conditions:
Official Licensed Product. Produced under DAKA Licence by Futera © 2017. All RightsReserved. Unless otherwise stated, Futera, its sports cards and services are not endorsedby or associated with any bodies, sponsors, events, or apparel manufacturers appearing in any collection. Every care istaken to ensure products do not intentionally infringe any third party trademarks orintellectual property rights.Memorabilia has been provided under signed Certificate of Authenticity from Zou Shiming.Material, including images, dates, names and places is published in good faith as suppliedand approved for publication.Event dates may reflect local time at country of distribution. Futera publications containapproved images provided under formal Licences and/or Agreements. Insert ratios quotedare averages taken across theentire production run and as such no particular card can be guaranteed to exist in anyparticular pack/box/case. Cards should be handled with care and it is recommended thatthey are placed in card protectors to support their condition and longevity. For full terms & conditionswww.futera.com

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