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World Football UNIQUE 2016 Pack
= EVERY PACK includes 1 MEMORABILIA CARD and/or other special Insert + up to 12 quality Base Set cards 


Collection summary

The World Football UNIQUE 2016 soccer card Collection is limited to just 200 cases.  The Collection features a comprehensive range of player game-used memorabilia and on-card signed autograph cards of footballing greats from past and present.  

There are 8 Limited Edition Memorabilia Card Sets featuring either single, double or triple memorabilia and spanning player game-used jerseys, boots, training-worn gear and match-used balls, with each memorabilia card giving details such as what game/date/season the player's memorabilia is from. 'MEMOSTARS' double and triple memorabilia inserts have a gold-plated title feature on the card. 

The Collection includes rare '1 of 1' Autograph, COMBO Autograph + Memorabilia, Threads Autograph and Threads COMBO Autograph + Memorabilia cards encased in gold-plated frames;  '1 of 1' Production Sets featuring elements from the card's production such as printer's plate/proofs/foil transparancies; and rare 'MYTHICALS' Memorabilia cards (limited to 5 sets released) where around 1/3rd of the card is memorabilia and the card is encased in a gold-plated frameNo. 1 Mythicals frames include a certified diamond. 

EVERY PACK includes either a Memorabilia card or other special Insert, and additionally some packs include either an individually gold-foil numbered 'Heritage' card from a limited run of 50 sets featuring players from the 1950s through to current day superstars, or a rare Main Set Parallel card from a limited run of just 11 sets (Gold) or 21 sets (Silver). 

For card descriptions, photographs and insert ratios please click on the INFO SHEET below.


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DISPLAY BOX (4 Packs):  Every Display Box includes one of any of the following - an on-card signed Autograph or a gold-plated MYTHICALS Memorabilia card in gold-plated frame or an on-card signed '1 of 1' Autograph or COMBO Autograph + Memorabilia card in a gold-plated frame or a '1 of 1' Threads Autograph or COMBO Threads Autograph + Memorabilia card in a gold-plated frame, or a '1 of 1' Production Set featuring elements from the card's production processes.
MINICASE (6 Display Boxes/ total 24 packs per Minicase):  Every Minicase includes at least 1 gold-plated framed MYTHICALS Memorabilia card with other special inserts according to their insert ratios. (For card descriptions, photographs and insert ratios please click on the INFO SHEET link above).
CASE (3 Minicases /total 18 Display Boxes per case /total 72 packs per case):  A Case includes any 2 inserts from the following -  a '1 of 1' on-card signed Autograph, a '1 of 1' COMBO Autograph with Memorabilia, a '1 of 1' Threads Autograph or a '1 of 1' COMBO Threads Autograph with Memorabilia card encased in gold-plated frame PLUS at least 4 x gold-plated framed 'Mythicals' Memorabilia cards plus other special inserts according to their insert ratios. (For card descriptions, photographs and insert ratios please click on the INFO SHEET link above).
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