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Postage: Unless otherwise stated your prize will be sent by international registered ’signed for’ postal service. Please allow 30 days for delivery from competition closing date.

Cards and Inserts:  The number of cards per Pack will vary depending on insert card(s) included. Insert ratios represent averages taken across the entire production run and as such no particular card or quantity of a particular card is guaranteed to exist in any particular pack/box/minicase/case. Consequently, there will be some packs which will have less or more total number of cards than others and no claims can be made for any card not appearing in any pack/box/minicase/case mix.

Trading or selling your card? REMEMBER TO HIDE YOUR CARD’S UNIQUE CODE WHEN SHOWING A PHOTOGRAPH OF YOUR CARD. Codes on Futera insert cards are unique and tradeable (with or without the physical card) - please  remember to hide your code when showing a photograph of your card.

By their nature cards produced on chrome board, special surface cards, foiled elements, metal plate and other sensitive materials may show superficial scratching and mild imperfections.  These are natural characteristics resulting from normal production processes. If your cards are subjected to temperature fluctuations such as extreme cold and/or heat, either direct or indirect, or where cards have been in direct sunlight over a period of time, this may damage your cards and we recommend that you protect your cards accordingly as replacements may not be considered in such circumstances.  

Visuals: Artwork may be artist’s impression and designs and item//card description are subject to change.

These are summary Terms & Conditions only, please refer to full Product Descriptions at: www.futera.com If you would like further explanation of any of these terms please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Thank you.

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