- get information about your card's features & rarity

1) Enter the code from the back of your card in the box below.

2) Details about your card's features and rarity will be shown such as the materials used, how many cards were released;

information about the memorabilia such as what game/date/season it was from, 'Behind the scenes' photos/video...

Other FREE SERVICES created by Futera for collectors:

MEMORABILIA COLOUR GRADING - how rare is your Memorabilia Card? - - a live online Card Trading Market to buy, sell & trade -

'Code for Collectors' launched in 2014 featuring Futera UNIQUE World Football Collections, Futera UNIQUE Futera UNIQUE Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool Football Club Collections

and the Australian NRL 'Elite' Collection 2016 Futera '1 of 1' gold-plated framed Memorabilia

Cards and Signature/Jersey Card Set inserts (*a joint venture between TLA/ESP Merchandise Pty Ltd and Futera)

Or if you want to go to code for collector page Please click here

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